RapidRide I Line

Online Open House


Thank you for stopping by our online open house. Click through these pages to learn about what RapidRide I Line will look like in your community. If you have feedback, please send it to rapidride@kingcounty.gov.

Use this online open house to

  • learn about RapidRide I Line.
  • provide feedback on station locations; projects to make it easier to walk, roll, and bike to the bus; and roadway and intersection changes in RentonKent, and Auburn.
  • learn how Metro will work with property owners and neighbors to build RapidRide.
  • sign up for email updates about RapidRide I Line design progress and construction.

RapidRide bus at station

What is RapidRide?

Metro is working to connect the cities of Renton, Kent, and Auburn with fast, frequent, and reliable bus service. RapidRide I Line will upgrade the current Route 160, between Renton and Auburn Station.

  • Buses will come more often and be more reliable.
  • More buses on nights and weekends.
  • Some bus stations will be upgraded with lighting, shelter, and real-time bus arrival signs.
  • Improved sidewalks and street crossings will make it easier and safer to access bus stations.
  • Roadway and intersection upgrades will keep buses moving and ensure your bus arrives on-time.

What we heard

Metro began gathering community feedback in 2019 to inform project design.

Metro used this feedback to develop a preferred concept for RapidRide I Line that connects people in Renton, Kent, and Auburn to the places they work, learn, live, shop, and play. The preferred concept includes station locations close to community amenities and transit connections; shelter, seating, and lighting at stations so people can wait for the bus more comfortably; and roadway and intersection changes to help the bus move more freely through traffic and allow riders to walk, bike, or roll to the bus more safely.

A word bubble graphic with statements like “faster, more reliable and more frequent service, “comfortable and safe stations.”


What’s happening now?

Now, the team is refining the design and planning for construction in 2022. We are gathering input on roadway and intersection changes and projects to make it easier and safer to get to the bus.

Read on to learn more about what’s happening in Renton, Kent, and Auburn.